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Why I Just Switched to Barlean’s Organic Fish Oil

A few years ago, I started taking Coromega Omega 3’s Fish Oil. It was a small packet each day, and since I can’t swallow pills, I thought it was great. I took it every day, until recently, when I found out that Coromega Omega-3 contains benzoic acid, which is linked to carcinogenic risks when combined […]

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This Month’s MightyFix: Duralex Containers

I just received my latest MightyFix from MightyNest! If you haven’t heard of them, MightyNest offers products that are good for healthy living. You’ll find things that are lead free, BPA free, and so on, that are healthy for you and good for the environment. For the holidays last year, my sister got me a […]

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