Do You Shop Disney Store Items at Target?

Disney Store Products at Target

I love everything Disney. So when they announced a few years ago that almost all of the Disney Stores were closing, I was really sad. Sure, you can shop at their website, ShopDisney…but you have to pay for shipping most of the time, unless you catch a free shipping day or spend a certain amount (that’s always above what I plan on spending that day.)

The other day they had a free shipping day, and I was so excited because I wanted to order a Minnie Munchling for my daughter for Valentine’s Day. She had seen it (and smelled it) on our last trip to Walt Disney World and REALLY liked it. In fact, in almost every store we went into, she would go over to it and ask for it. Of course since it is pretty big, we told her that we were sorry, but it was too big to bring home.

Somehow this morning I ended up on Disney’s website, and was looking at the reviews of the munchlings. Someone said how they bought it from Target, and then all of the sudden I remembered how a few years ago they announced that they were going to have some mini-Disney stores inside of many Target locations, but I guess I never paid much attention. I never saw them in any of the stores I shopped at, and so promptly forgot about it.

So I went over to Target’s site…and guess what? They sell a small selection from the Disney website!

Disney Munchlings at Target

Munchlings included. What does this mean for you, and for me? That there’s a chance you don’t have to pay for shipping for that Disney item you wanted, or you don’t have to wait for that next free shipping day. You don’t even have to wait for the item to be shipped if you live close to one of the stores that has the mini-Disney store inside it if you don’t mind picking it up yourself.

Plus, if you have a Target Red Card (which I do), you’ll get 5% off your purchase! Now, 5% isn’t a lot, but considering it’s not easy to get a discount on Disney products…I’ll take it!

Anyway…I was excited when I saw this…and thought you might be too.

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