Cool Disney T-Shirts on Zulily Right Now!

Disney TShirts at Zulily

If you know anything about me, you know that I love everything Disney. When it comes to clothes, I usually see the same types of clothes with Disney stuff on them, and I’m not all that excited. Right now there is a Disney collection on Zulily that I’m very excited about though. It has really cool and different Disney t-shirts!

I really love being outside, so one thing I LOVE is that many of them are nature inspired.  There’s a t-shirt with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy that says “Hiking the High Road”, a t-shirt with “Mickey:  Trail Ready” on it, one that says “Keep on Trekkin'”, and some that are really subtle, like a t-shirt that says “Outdoor Vibes” with small mickey ears on it.  There are others as well.

These shirts are available in long sleeves and short sleeves, and they some for men, women, and children, so that everyone can get some.

My problem?  I currently have more than a few of them in my cart, and I KNOW I need to cut that number down before I finally check out.  But I will be doing so this weekend.

Check out these cute and different Mickey & Friends Disney T-Shirts!


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