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How to Start Your Own Website

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought about having your own website. Maybe you want to share some information you have with the world, maybe you want to make money, or maybe you have another reason for starting one. But if you haven’t started your own website yet because you thought it was hard, or […]

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Yet Another Reason I Love Swagbucks!

As I’ve posted about in the past, I love Swagbucks. It’s such an easy way for me to get “fun” money to spend on things I wouldn’t normally buy. If you don’t know what Swagbucks is, you can read the post I linked to above to get more details. But really quickly, it’s a way […]

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I just got another free $25 Amazon Gift Card!

I really enjoy using Swagbucks. It’s something that I can do with my free time, and earn actual money! You can choose whether you want to be paid in gift cards (a ton of different stores and restaurants, including Amazon), or you can be paid in cash – using PayPal. I usually go back and […]

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