TopCashback – One Way I Save Money on Almost Everything I Buy Online

I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to buy something online, I do two things before I finalize my order. I look for coupons, and I look for cashback.

TopCashback is a company that offers cashback. In case you don’t know, cashback is exactly like it’s sounds. You get cash back after you make a purchase through a link from TopCashback.

For example, right now they’re having a “Rake in the Savings Double Cash Back” event.

So if you were to buy something at Anthropologie, you’d get 8% back of what you spent. If you made a purchase at Citizen, you’d get 8% back; at Sunglass Hut, you’d get 14% back, at, you’d get 20% back, and so many more.

They have over 4,000 stores that you’ll get cash back with.

So if you were to spend $50 at a store that had 14% cash back for example, they’d give you $7 back after your purchase. How awesome is that? That’s why I always look for cash back no matter what store I’m shopping at online.

I’ve been a member of TopCashback since 2014. In the past 3 months, I’ve earned cash back from them for shopping at Eddie Bauer, Groupon (to buy tickets to Sesame Place), Michael’s, Walmart, Gap, and more. And over the past 7 years I’ve gotten cash back from more stores than I can even remember…some that don’t even exist any more!

If you’re not getting cash back when you shop online…I have to ask, why not? You don’t lose anything, and if you’re going to buy something online anyway, you might as well “earn money” back from it!

Join TopCashback Now! It’s completely free and you’ll get cash back when you shop at your favorite stores!

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