Talbots – 70% Off 2 or More Items (Including Cashmere for less than $40!)

70% Off Clearance (2 or more)

I really like getting a good deal.

So when I can get a really good deal on something that I really like, I get excited.

I really like Talbots clothing. They’re high quality, and fit really well. The problem? They’re usually more expensive than I’m willing to pay.

So I wait.

And I wait.

And I wait.

Eventually, there is a sale that gets me excited.

RIGHT NOW is that time.

Clearance items are 60% off, and if you buy at least 2 items, they’re now 70% off!

What does this mean?

It means that the Supersoft Cableknit Sweater is now $17.99 instead of $79.50.
It means that the Cozy Chenille Crewneck Sweater is now $20.99 instead of $89.50.

…and even more incredibly, many of the Cashmere sweaters, including the Cashmere Button Cuff Crewneck Sweater, is now just $38.99, instead of $179.00.

Yes, you just read that correctly. You can get a Talbots Cashmere sweater for less than $40.

I really like that all of their clothes are high quality…but I can’t justify paying full price. I can TOTALLY justify paying these prices though. They’re incredible, and I know that a few years from now I’ll still be wearing them as they’ll still look great.

This isn’t going on much longer…and unfortunately sizes are going out of stock. So if you’re interested, I’d check it out now.

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