What Vitamins I Take Each Day – And Why

A few days ago, I posted about why I was renewing Amazon Prime, and in the post happened to mention that I realized I was low on one of my vitamins, and ordered a refill. So I ended up getting a few questions about it, and wanted to share what vitamins I take, and why. […]

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Amazon Prime – Is it Worth Renewing?

I just happened to be looking at something on Amazon the other day, and noticed that my Amazon Prime subscription was set to renew. So I started thinking about it, trying to decide if the $99 a year was worth it. I know I enjoyed using it the past few years that I’ve had it, […]

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Today is “Look Up at the Sky Day”

Today is “Look Up at the Sky Day”. It means that you should take the time today to stop what you’re doing, and look up. Notice how beautiful the sky is. Appreciate it. Normally we spend each and every day running on autopilot. You go to work, get your errands done, take care of everything […]

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Love Yourself Enough to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

- Unknown

Alternative to Dryer Sheets – I Use Dryer Balls

I used to use dryer sheets. The smell was a bit strong on them, but you’re supposed to use dryer sheets so that your clothes don’t become full of static…so I did. That is, I used them until one day someone told me that there were alternatives to dryer sheets. It turns out there are […]

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How I Start Each Morning – With Lemon Water

Every morning, one of the first things I do is drink a glass of lemon water, and wait about a half of an hour before eating or drinking anything else. I take a half of a lemon, squeeze it into my glass full of water, and enjoy. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a bit of […]

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