My New Clothing Obsession…Thred-Up

Thred Up

I have a new obsession when it comes to buying clothes. It’s called Thred-Up.

Let’s face it. Stores were closed for months here in NJ…and then once they opened, I wasn’t going to a store just to buy clothes, especially because I didn’t really NEED anything.

But…I enjoy shopping.

My problem is, depending on the store, I can be a completely different size in tops. In some stores I’m a small, in some a medium, and in others I am somehow an extra small. So it’s really not easy for me to buy clothes online.

But then it happened. One of my favorite shirts from LOFT got a hole in it. I’ve had it for years, so I knew they didn’t sell it anymore. But I really wished I could have it again…and I know what size I had…and I just wanted another one just like it.

So I went online and searched for the sunwashed striped shirt from LOFT.

And unbelievably, I found it.  At Thred-up.

What was even better, is that it said it was barely warn and looked brand new. To push it over the top and make me sure to buy it, they often have coupon codes, and I was lucky enough to find one to get 20% off of my purchase.

Well, I loved that shirt and knew the size I wanted, so it was a no-brainer. With the coupon code, it got me interested in looking at other things that I could get on the site. I found a Talbots Cashmere sweater for $21.00 after the coupon. It looked brand new. I also found a really cute shirt from as well as a sweater from Loft.

With 4 items in my cart and the total coming to just $40.77 (and free shipping for my first order), I pulled the trigger.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. I’ve been wearing the LOFT t-shirt all summer, and it’s just like I never got a new one (except this one doesn’t have a hole!) so I’m very happy. I’m looking forward to wearing the cashmere sweater in the winter…and I tried it on and it really looks like it’s never been worn before. The t-shirt is awesome as well, and looked new too.

The only item that I’m not 100% excited about is the sweater from LOFT. I had a sweater that shrunk in the dryer and I thought it was the same one…but it turns out it isn’t. I’ll still wear it as it’s cute, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

But that was it…I started checking the site daily, to see what was new. You name the brand, they have it, and the prices are a LOT lower than what you’d pay in a store.

They even have Disney items (from the stores AND the parks!) I almost didn’t put that in, because I don’t want more competition for the cute things that come up! Since they are all pre-owned items, it’s not like a regular store where there are plenty of an item. So whoever gets it in their cart first wins.

I’ve since made three more purchases and currently have 3 shirts in my cart that I’m considering buying (one is a cute Disney long sleeve shirt, one is a shirt by Maurices (I had never heard of them until I was on Thred-Up) that says Wanderlust, and another cute shirt from Maurices, this one is blue with flowers on it.

Why am I willing to buy from Thred-Up when I won’t anywhere else online right now for clothes?

It’s simple. I feel like I’m not taking as much of a risk. The items are a LOT LESS than I’d pay in a store…and if they don’t fit right, they have a $1.99 per item restocking fee, and you have 14 days from when the item is delivered to decide. They even give you a pre-paid shipping label if you want to send an item back. So at most, I’ll lose $1.99 if I decide I don’t like an item.

So far with 4 purchases, I’ve been happy with everything I’ve received…so much so that I’m on the site almost every day checking out what’s new.

If you’re interested in checking it out…I’d suggest going through my link. If you do end up buying something, you’ll get $10 off your purchase, and I’ll get $10 off my next purchase as well! Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay any more by going through the link. It’s just something nice Thred-Up does to let me make it easier to introduce you to them!

Check out Thred-Up and get $10 off Your First Purchase!

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P.S. You’re also helping to save the planet when you buy clothes that are pre-owned! Instead of these clothes going into the trash, you’re giving them new life! That’s another great thing about buying clothes that have been previously owned.

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