Keep the Right Company (31 Days to a Happier You: Day 25)

Keep the Right Company

If you want to be happy, be with people who make you happy. I know that sounds simple. But seriously. Think about the people you spend time with. How many of them are you genuinely happy to be around? How many of them make you happy by spending time with them?

Happiness is contagious. If you spend more time with happy people, you’ll be happier.

Plus, would you rather spend time with someone who is nice to you, or mean to you? Of course you’d rather spend time with someone who is nice to you, and has nice things to say about you. It’ll make you a lot happier spending time with that person than the person who is mean.

I find that after I spend time with someone who’s happy or who I really enjoy spending time with, I’m a lot happier. Even if it’s just a phone call with the person, my whole mood is transformed.

Similarly, when I spend time with someone who is unhappy or complains a lot, I find that I’m in a worse mood and am not as happy.

I know. You can’t always choose who you spend time with. But when you can, choose those that put you in a good mood.

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This post is part of a 31 Days to a Happier You Challenge! Hopefully by the end of the month you’ll find a bunch of new things you can do to be happier every day!

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