I Love Getting Paid to Shop…


I enjoy shopping online. First of all it’s so much easier to compare things from different stores. Then there’s the fact that I don’t have to leave the house.

But the biggest reason is because I almost always get cash back when I shop.

There are a few different sites that if you shop through their link, you’ll get a percentage of what you spend back in cash!

I’m not talking about websites you’ve never heard of and wouldn’t want to shop at. I’m talking about getting cash back at the Disney Store, Old Navy, Walmart, Home Depot, Ulta, and many many others.

One of my favorite cash back sites is TopCashback.

I don’t know how long I’ve been a member of the site, but I just looked it up, and the first time I used them to get cashback was in March of 2014, where I got $22 cash back from an order at Walmart.com.

Not too bad, right?

With TopCashback, you can get anywhere from 1% back of what you spend, up to 20% (and once in a while more.) And what’s even better is because it’s behind the scenes (as in the store doesn’t know or care that you’re getting cash back) you can still usually use a coupon on the website!

I will tell you the one thing that isn’t consistent. The percentage that you’ll get can change daily, so you’ll always have to check how much you’ll get back. They’ll have promotions for example where a store that’s usually 4% cash back will double or even triple and give you 8% or 12% cash back for a day or two. But even when there isn’t a promotion, you’ll see the percentages for different stores fluctuate.

So if you plan on using them, just check first to see how much cash back you’ll get.

Why am I posting about them today? Because over the weekend I got emailed a promotion where if I spent $10 at any of the stores that offer cash back, they’ll give me $10 back. I thought that was an incredible deal.

Of course, I forgot about it until Sunday night…which was a shame because 10 minutes before I remembered it, I had made a purchase at Macy’s (through another company who was offering a higher percentage of cash back) that was for over $10…so I wouldn’t have had to make another purchase that night.

But, I thought about it for a minute (since it’s basically free money!) and realized that I had wanted to buy a few small things at the Gap. So I went through TopCashback to place my order, which came to $10.98, and first thing yesterday morning I got an email from TopCashback that I was getting my $10! Impressive, isn’t it?

When I’m talking about getting cash back, I do mean cash (if you want it.) You can get the amount you’re owed either in your PayPal account, or right into your bank account. If you want to get a gift card or Visa pre-paid card or even an American Express Reward Card, you’ll usually get a little bonus and get more than you’re owed. What other gift cards can you get? Amazon, Nike, Disney Store, Gap, Target, Walmart, Petco, Old Navy, Hotels.com, and a few others. So you definitely have choices.

I really enjoy using TopCashback. I mean, I’m going to spend money at these stores anyway, so why not get a little of the cash back into my pocket? And what I really like about them is they’ll have different promotions where you’ll get even more cash back.

If you’re interested, it’s easy to sign up for cash back from TopCashback.

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