Figure Out What Happiness Means To You (31 Days to a Happier You: Day 31)

Figure Out What Happiness Means to You

With all of this talk about happiness, and ways to be happier…here’s the truth.

Happiness is different for everyone!

What makes you happy might not make someone else happy. We are all so different, that you really need to think about it.

What makes you happy? When you think of things that make you happy…what are they? These are the things you should be doing more often.

The things that don’t make you happy? Try not to do those as often. When you notice things are making you sad or depressed, figure out if you can stop doing them!

I know that’s oversimplifying things a lot…but seriously. If you don’t know what makes you happy, you can’t spend more time doing those things!

So spend some time, and figure out what happiness means to you.

Is it getting together with your friends every chance you can? Is it spending time alone so you have time to think? Is it going on vacation? Is it spending every free minute with your family?

Once you know the things that make you feel happy, you can spend more time doing them.

Whatever it is that makes you happy…that’s what you need to do more often!

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This post is part of a 31 Days to a Happier You Challenge! Hopefully by the end of the month you’ll find a bunch of new things you can do to be happier every day!

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