30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Day 27

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge Day 27

Even though it’s not exactly exercise, today I chose to do massage. It’s definitely still a mindful movement, and therefore counts as part of my 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge.

Massage is a great thing to do when you want to be mindful, as you’re usually not thinking of anything at all when being massaged. You are definitely in the here and now.

There are many different ways to do massage.

You can get a massage of course. Those are always wonderful.

muscle roller stick

But if you aren’t able to get a massage when you need one, you can massage yourself.

There are some really cool muscle roller sticks that you can get that will make your muscles feel great.

This is what I did today. I used a muscle roller stick that I own, and used it on places that I have a lot of knots, and felt much better when I was finished!

It’s a great way to be mindful, and you feel a lot better when you’re finished!

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