30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Day 25

30 Day Mindfulness Challenge Day 25

It’s amazing how many different mindful movements there are out there.

Today I decided to try Tai Chi as part of my 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge.

Tai Chi is a Chinese tradition that uses deep breathing and slow movements. That makes it great for being mindful.

It also makes it great for almost anyone, no matter your age or physical condition. In fact, it helps lower stress.

My husband like doing Tai Chi on the weekends (usually while I’m still asleep!) and he does Tai Cheng, which is one of the BeachBody programs.

I really didn’t want to do anything too long (plus I didn’t want to turn on my TV), so what I did was go to YouTube.

I just searched for “Tai Chi”, and found a video called Top 10 Tai Chi Moves for Beginners. It’s just under 9 minutes long, and was perfect for what I wanted. He moved very slowly and made it easy to do what he was doing.

There are a bunch of other videos as well, so I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for.

It’s a nice mindful movement and I enjoyed doing it.

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